for revolutionary entrepreneurs who want to stand out, share their message, and make sales on social media

Craft captivating content that converts to cash and clients using powerful personal branding and psychology-based marketing strategies

stop stressing out over what to post to get clients.

instead, learn exactly what to say and how to say it to stand out and sell.

Let's be honest... you're sick of:

  • Feeling like no matter how much you post, people don't get what you do and don't buy from you 😩

  • Thinking your content sounds exactly the same as everyone else and wondering how to stand out 🥱

  • Not getting likes, comments, clicks, or DMs and instead your content is as dead as Nearly Headless Nick

You are soooo ready to have the type of content that dazzles your dream clients, leaving them spellbound with every sentence so they can't wait to buy your offers.

You want to create content that captivates and converts so...

You've taken other courses about content creation


They just told you to "give value" and talk about how awesome you and your offers are, which left you wondering wtf "value" means and feeling like you had to be a fake AF influencer with lots of braggy content just to make sales (which you don't!).

You've tried buying a bunch of content prompts


You found them generic and when you used them, they didn't work for you because you didn't actually understand the psychology behind what makes a piece of content convert.

You looked at what successful people post and tried to mimic their success


Even when you emulated their content, it didn't work for you because you didn't have the bigger picture strategy of what turns their content into clients.

I have a question for you...

What if you could completely stop overthinking and stressing out about content creation because you finally understand the psychology-based marketing strategies that actually work to attract, nurture, and convert your perfect fit people?

this is exactly what you'll learn in content cauldron

I don't have a big audience.

I have 3.6K followers on Facebook, which is my biggest platform.

But size doesn't matter when you know how to use it. 😏

these posts all reached 25%+ of my audience

The Average Reach on Facebook is ONLY 6%

And these posts don't just get engagement, they turn into clients.

It's easy for me to attract and convert the right clients now, but it didn't always used to be this way.

When I first started my coaching and consulting business in 2019, I saw everyone who was a successful coach doing the whole "influencer marketing" thing.

They had these luxurious lifestyles and their brands were based on the concept of "pay me to be like me" with their content being mostly about how much money they were making and how awesome their lives were.

Even though I had a lot of marketing and content creation experience and this didn't feel like the type of business I wanted, I thought it's what I needed to do to make money.

So I started drinking the Coaching Kardashian koolaid and built a business that was all about my brags and how cool I was. I tried to turn every little moment in my life into some sort of "I'm so cool pay me to be like me" post.


😔 It really messed with my sense of self-worth.

😔 It was burning me out and dysregulating my nervous system.

😔 And it attracted the wrong clients.

It attracted clients who wanted a "quick fix" and "quick cash". Which just burned me out even more and led me to a serious breakdown and break from my business that took a while to come back from.

I took a trip to Panama and I spent so much time worrying about getting content that would make my life look "insta-worthy".

I decided to just be me and build my business with an authentic personal brand and more aligned and sustainable psychology-based marketing strategies.

When I started showing up authentically as me, got much clearer on my message, and created content that I actually felt good about, I started attracting the right clients.

I can now say that I genuinely love every single one of my clients and I attract the best people into my world.

It's made my business so much more enjoyable and made my marketing so much easier and more fun.

☑️ My engagement massively increased.

☑️ I had people reaching out in the DMs almost daily interested in working with me.

☑️ And I was able to fill my offers with people I truly loved working with.

After noticing how wonderfully things had shifted for me, I reverse engineered my strategy for content creation and social media marketing to bring you the 3-phase process I'm teaching you inside Content Cauldron.

The best thing? It works for my clients too!

screenshots from conversations with my clients

So how can you get these same results and start crafting content that captivates and converts to cash and clients?

i n t r o d u c i n g...

content cauldron

the first and only year-long group program and membership hybrid designed for you to successfully stand out, share your message, and sell on social media

Inside you'll find every single thing you need to craft captivating content that converts to cash and clients using powerful personal branding and psychology-based messaging strategies.

What's included in Content Cauldron...

🔥 All 3 Phases of the Content Cauldron Curriculum ($997 Value)

🔥 2 Group Coaching Calls Each Month ($12,000 Value)

🔥 1 Content Review Per Week ($4,767 Value)

🔥 The Content Chronicles ($2,364 Value)

🔥 Exclusive Telegram Group ($324 Value)

🔥 Daily Post Potions ($197 Value)

🔥 Template & Swipe File Library ($297 Value)

🔥 Engagement Boosting ($720 Value)

🔥 Gamified Community ($300 Value)


* payment plans available *

The Content Cauldron Core Curriculum

Phase 1

MAGIC Messaging™

  • Become a master of MAGIC Messaging™ to make client attraction feel as easy as saying "Accio Client!"

  • Gain major brand clarity to differentiate yourself and connect with customers on a deeper level

  • Embody and learn to utilize your bewitching brand voice so you can dazzle your dream clients

  • Communicate the transformation your brand provides in a clear and compelling way that makes people want to buy

  • Nail your marketing message to promote your offers in a way that leaves your perfect fit people spellbound and ready to buy

  • Create the kind of clarity that empowers you to own your space and makes people pay attention

Phase 2

Crafting Content

  • Learn the different psychological purposes of content so you can move someone seamlessly through the client journey

  • Master the 11 types of content and know exactly how and when to use each one to increase your conversions

  • Understand how to match your content to the client journey so you can take someone on a journey to buy from you

  • Study post potions and copywriting formulas that are strategically designed to convert

  • Different types of hooks and CTAs to attract and convert (with done-for-you swipe files!)

  • Plan your content for profit in a way that creates both structure and flow

Phase 3

Social Media Mastery

  • The 5 Types of Visibility you can get for your online business

  • How to hack the social media algorithms so you get more reach, more likes, more comments, and more conversions!

  • Optimize your Facebook Profile to attract potential clients and create hot leads

  • Monetize a Facebook Group while building a community of super supporters

  • Increase your Instagram

    presence and following to attract an audience of dream clients

  • Leverage LinkedIn for more visibility, leads, and opportunities

  • Takeover TikTok with cutting edge short form video strategies

Also inside Content Cauldron...

  • get face-to-face with Juliana to strategize, get support, and get more in-depth coaching

  • lightning quick coaching and consulting to get you fast results

  • receive customized support and answers to all your questions

  • never wonder what to post and know exactly what to say every day

  • create content 10x faster

  • have a “done-for-you” strategy that’s designed to convert

  • get personalized feedback from Juliana on one piece of content or copy every week

  • learn how to improve your content and become a better content creator / copywriter

  • increase your conversions with “Word Witch in your pocket” access

  • list of hooks

  • list of CTAs

  • 50+ madlib style caption templates

  • Other templates like sales pages, landing pages, etc.

  • everyone inside Content Cauldron

  • get more views, more likes, and more comments on your posts

  • reach more people because the algorithm will prioritize your posts

and to amplify what you'll learn to make you a total pro...

  • regularly released videos that explain various psychological concepts behind high-converting content with an analysis, perspective, breakdown, or makeover of a specific piece of content and why it’s good (or not so good)

  • understand how to use these psychology-based strategies in your own marketing

  • know what to do and what not to do and start to embody this knowledge on a deeper level

McKenzie Valenta ~ Mindset Coach

McKenzie tripled her investment & sold out her coaching offers within the first three months of working together.

Having Juliana's reassurance and on-going knowledge to support me in decision making led to me feeling empowered, which helped me to show up consistently and sell.

Furthermore, I was able to easily attract and sign leads into my highest touch 1:1 coaching container due to the adjustments we made on my messaging. My biggest takeaway was the massive clarity I gained in my messaging!

It helped me to attract the leads into my business with EASE in just a few weeks! I tripled my investment & sold out my coaching offers within the first three months of working together.

Brocha crafted a really powerful content strategy that allowed her to book out and create a six figure business.

Since taking Juliana's program, my business has really taken off. Before the program, I had a lot of freebie seekers but not buyers, but I've been able to craft a really powerful content strategy that has allowed me to book out, have a successful course launch, and create a six figure business.

Now that she is my one-to-one coach it is everything that I could have asked for and more. Like she really is there for you and knows how to support you, not just strategically but energetically as well.

My business has grown so much that it's not even so much about the strategy anymore. It's just about having someone to understand you and support you because business is a lot on the nervous system. Like she is seriously the real deal in every single way and I'm just so grateful to be working with her.

Brocha Kahan ~ Business Coach for Musicians

Jennifer Schlueter ~ Hypnotherapist

Jennifer got clear on her message to promote her offer that wasn't selling before working on the message with Juliana

Juliana walked me through her messaging process and after speaking about my offer with Juliana I was really able to nail it down my message and channel the things that needed to come out of me so that I can have very very clear messaging and a very clear offer and it really helped me get clear on what I'm going to write now and how I'm going to write it.

She did it beautifully and she did it thoroughly, so it was really, really good. If you are thinking about working with Juliana, I can totally recommend her.

Talia had an amazing VIP day with Juliana which created a much clearer message for her spiritual business to describe her work in a tangible way.

I had an amazing VIP day with Juliana where we worked on my process and explaining my process in a clear way. I really love how Juliana has this very intuitive way of taking larger concepts and larger ideas and breaking them down into tangible, applicable steps.

She breaks down everything in a simplified way so that you can explain what you do, especially as spiritual entrepreneurs, you know how sometimes we can't describe what we do in a very tangible way that people understand and this is one of her gifts I think because she understands a spiritual people because she's spiritual herself so she knows what we do and then she knows how to make it make sense.

I love working with her. She was able to give me questions so that I could dig in myself and get clearer on my messaging and get clear on who I was speaking to and why and it was deep. And she just simplified everything for me because now I feel like I have a clear direction. My process is super clear now and I can have an easier time creating my offers.

Talia Strega ~ Oracle & Spiritual Mentor

Craft captivating content that converts to cash and clients using powerful personal branding and psychology-based messaging strategies.